Declaration and the Shaw Revolution

It was the first warm, sunny day in weeks when my good friend Haleh and I ventured on over to Shaw to try Declaration. There are so many fun, new eateries and bars popping up in the neighborhood that it’s hard to keep up. Declaration is quintessentially Washington with its Declaration of Independence theme and we’d heard good things about the food so we decided to give it a try. We were also seriously craving some great wood fired pizza so our expectations were high.


The Declaration of Independence themed eatery.


Declaration is just across the street from another one of my favorite new additions in Shaw, Landmark’s Atlantic Plumbing Cinema. The theater boasts a great selection of independent and critically acclaimed films, a beautiful bar and lounge and fun movie snacks. The Landmark theaters provide my favorite kind of movie experience. In fact, I’ve filed it away that dinner at Declaration and a movie at the Atlantic Plumbing Cinema would make for a great evening out.

We ordered our drinks promptly upon being seated. I was in a beer mood and knew that there would be many local brews on tap. DC Brau, Atlas Brew Works and Right Proper were all featured. I tried the Atlas Home Rule IPA for the first time and it was perfectly hoppy, not too bitter, with just the right amount of citrus. We ordered two starters, the Roasted Octopus with chorizo white beans, apricot preserves and salsa verde and a small plate of the Brisket Sausage Ragu made with house made lasagna pasta, basil ricotta and pomodoro sauce.

File May 30, 6 07 07 PM

Roasted Octopus appetizer


File May 30, 6 10 42 PM

Brisket Sausage Ragu

Both dishes were excellent. Octopus is one of my favorites, especially when roasted or grilled. This may have been a little too charred for some, but I love “almost” burned things. So much so that I buy special dark pretzels and prefer my pizza crusts blistery and brown. (I was excited that the menu here made a point of saying that their pizzas are cooked well done and may have a darker crust. Yay!) The octopus was incredibly tender and delicious with the smoky roasted flavor. I was worried about the apricot but it wasn’t overly sweet and blended wonderfully with the slight sweetness of both the octopus and the beans and was balanced by the saltiness of the chorizo. The combination of smoky and sweet was killer. The brisket ragu was as rich and velvety as it should be. The delicious flavor of the brisket really stood out and the sauce was so good that we ordered bread to sop up what was left on the plate.

Next up was the pizza. There are thirteen pizzas here inspired by the original thirteen colonies. Some feature pretty non-traditional pizza toppings like the lobster roll theme on the Massachusetts pie, the fried chicken and bread and butter pickles on the Georgia or the braised pork, dijon and smoked pears on the North Carolina. We went for the good old Virginian which featured ham, arugula, olive oil, lemon, roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

File May 30, 6 11 03 PM

The Virginia Thomas Jefferson Pie

I was obviously happy with the charred crust and I’m a huge fan of arugula on pizza. Overall, it was a great pizza, but the ham did have a strong briny taste. It was slightly overpowering the way that I feel prosciutto can sometimes be. And the crust at the center was really thin so the ingredients slid off when I picked up a piece, necessitating the use of a knife and fork. There’s a big wood fired pizza game in this city these days (Menomale in Brookland is still my number one) but this pie definitely held its own among the competition. I can’t wait to go back to try another less traditional pie and see if some unique ingredients help to make the pizza at Declaration stand out from its competitors even more.

With our bellies satisfied, we strolled around the neighborhood enjoying an absolutely perfect sunset. Shaw seems to be the land of the rooftop bars and my friend pointed out a new addition to the club, Takoda Restaurant and Beer Garden. From the street, the rooftop bar looked perfectly positioned for some prime views, so we headed up to see for ourselves.

File May 30, 6 19 29 PM

Enjoying a Dortmunder Gold Lager while taking in a perfect sunset along Florida Avenue.

The west facing roof top bar was full of removable windows and it was open and breezy and the perfect venue for worshiping the return of the sun. It was, not surprisingly, buzzing with people like us taking in the gorgeous weather. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end another memorable evening in Shaw.


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  1. Susana says:

    So the “beach” was just a temporary exhibit..? I heard so much about it and I really wanted to check it out eventually (thinking that it was there to stay) I had, of course, forgotten about it, until I read your post! 😬😳

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