Getting to Know Laura

File Aug 09, 11 02 23 AM

I’ve been living in the DC area since 2000 and I’m here to stay. I’ve put down roots and I know that DC is my forever home. It fascinates me that there are so many diverse worlds co-existing here and people living very different realities. This is my DC life and my unique experience. I’d love to know more about what makes this city feel like home for you and if our worlds happen to intersect.

First and foremost, I’m a single mom of two boys, so you’ll get a glimpse of my crazy mommy world. And yes, single moms raising kids anywhere are amazing. Single moms raising kids in DC are downright superhuman.

My full time gig is a Real Estate Agent with the fabulous brokerĀ Compass, so I’ve got my finger on the pulse of development and housing trends throughout the city. I get to explore all kinds of architecture and design features in homes all over the area. I work EVERYWHERE. And there is something I love about every single neighborhood.

I’m also big into side hustles, so I also work part-time as a Food Tour Guide. Yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds. I work for a small, local company called Carpe DC Food Tours. Carpe DC was started by a local couple who wanted their food tours to feel like a local friend showing you around the city. Our tours focus on the history of different neighborhoods as well as the culinary influences. They are a great way to get to know DC neighborhoods and support small, local businesses. I have so much fun meeting folks from all over the world who visit and/or live in the DC region.

I’m also a full on book nerd (so much so that I got my master’s degree in literature) and writing is another one of those aforementioned side hustles. I love writing and am part of a writer’s accountability group (don’t write alone!) which provides the support and motivation to move those writing projects forward. I just love art and culture in general, so I hit up museums and the theater whenever I can. I’m a creative at heart and apart from writing, fulfill my creative drive through cooking, fashion, home decor and very, very amateur photography with my handy dandy iPhone.

It’s probably obvious that I’m a total foodie. It was passed down from my foodie mother and sister. I love both cooking and eating and great libations and devote a lot of posts to my favorite food experiences. And I am hopelessly addicted to coffee which means I’m no coffee snob (I love me some Dunkin), but I can also appreciate and enjoy the excellent quality of all the third wave coffee shops popping up.

Lastly, I will often make mention of the fact that I did a stint in the Peace Corps. There are a ton of us in DC! Way back in 2003, I moved to the Dominican Republic for two years and it changed my life in a wonderful way. I speak Spanish, my kids speak Spanish and Dominican and Latino culture, in general, are a big part of our lives. We especially love Latino music and of course, food!