A Retreat for Quiet Reflection and Natural Beauty in NE DC

These days I am filled with NE DC pride, but when I bought my house in Woodridge in 2010, I had no clue about the neighborhood. I understand why NE DC is still unknown to many folks who live in and visit DC, but there are some spectacular places to explore, particularly for nature and garden enthusiasts.

One of the best is the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland. I’m so lucky to have this amazing attraction within walking distance. I visit often for reflection and relaxation and just to enjoy a gorgeous sunny afternoon surrounded by the well tended gardens.

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Tulip Garden

The Monastery includes a pretty impressive church, but I go for the gardens. Gorgeous rose and tulip gardens are huge draws for visitors in the know every year. There are numerous replicas of Vatican grottos on the grounds as well and a small path. The Monastery holds many events like spaghetti dinners and their famous plant sales which generate money to help maintain the gardens, as well as a shop where they sell honey made by the bees raised onsite. The 2016 honey harvests are in June and September and you can participate in extracting the honey by attending a workshop. There are guided tours throughout the spring and summer on Saturday afternoons through the Garden Guild or you can just roam around during their open hours.

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The Rosary Portico

Most don’t know that there is also a hermitage on the grounds available for nightly rental. It’s designed for single person use as a way to quiet the mind, reflect and contemplate spirituality. I fully intend to try it one of these days.

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